An evening, full of rain and notes

An evening, full of rain and notes

  • 19 Oct 0

  Written by Vivi Farsaliotou-Iatrou

   The little man, men, and little men, all of them together for some hours in the notes of storied lyrics and singers, dedicated to the composer Lefteris Papadopoulos.

   Some children, carrying their own name, soldiers without weapons and uniform, only using music keys, bass and wind instruments, accompanied the lyrics that made you think, it was not an    orchestra program dedicated to a composer, but only chosen to explain to the auditorium the reason of their presence here.

The Society for Protection of Persons in the Autistic Spectrum in Kastoria, together with the 15th Brigade, had invited them in a musical happening, in which the orchestra of the A` Army Corps and excellent performers, within the beginning of their third year of activities, having as a target to sensitize the local society on subjects referring to autism.

  “The biggest worry of a parent, whose child is in the autistic spectrum, is what will happen to that child, when his parents pass away” expressed his anguish the president of the society…

   Things very simple for other parents…

   Things, that the volunteers, sitting lower in the auditorium have definitely thought of..

   Things, that the people sitting higher in the auditorium, young militants have started to think about…

   Things that the people sitting further to the sides of the auditorium, those who face the problem…

 Things that the people sitting in the middle of the auditorium- these that could be seen from every corner- could not manage to think of, for they started too soon to leave the place, because they had commitments to do, they had to be somewhere else, nowhere… And within this time you managed to be there, within the feelings you managed to sense, two things were those standing out: The dignity of the people facing the problem and that of those who “honored by their presence the activity and promised that as soon as they are elected, they will do their best to fulfill the dreams, the hopes, the demands of the Society and of its protected persons”.

  Let me show my admiration, once more, to the First ones…

  There is no reason to call them by their names or their titles. For such a purpose, all those who did   their best, their names are written for ever in other Higher papers. (That`s why they are so lucky.)

   Written by one, who always borrows things from the Important ones.

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