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Run -Greece: Kastoria!
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 RUN GREECE-Kastoria, Race in the town 5klm,10klm. and of Children for everybody. Sunday, May 26, 2013  The town of Kastoria is getting ready to host the City races of 5km., 10,. and of Children Tun Greece of SEGAS, on Sunday, May26, 2013. these races are for everyone and they are held in 4 cities in Greece, in cooperation with the local and regional govrnment and the support of WIND. (more…)

Municipality of Orestidos- Society for Protection of Persons in the Autistic Spectrum” When social offer does not know borders…
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 Last Saturday, representatives of the Municipality of Orestidos and members of the Society for Protection of Persons in the Autistic Spectrum in Kastoria went to Korytsa, after an invitation of the Consulate of Korytsa, Mr Ioannis Pediotis. (more…)

Children win!
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“CHILDREN WIN AGAIN” WITH THODORIS & DIMITRIS    It is the third year that Dimitris Diamantithis and Thodoris Papaloukas, through their basketball shots make the children smile. (more…)

An evening, full of rain and notes
  Written by Vivi Farsaliotou-Iatrou    The little man, men, and little men, all of them together for some hours in the notes of storied lyrics and singers, dedicated to the composer Lefteris Papadopoulos. (more…)

Butterfly’s day
 PRESS RELEASE -Inauguration of a new space  On Wednesday, the seventh of July, the inauguration and the sanctification of the new space of our Society was held in Maniaki, Kastoria. A lot of people attended the inauguration. (more…)

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