Butterfly’s day

Butterfly’s day

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 PRESS RELEASE -Inauguration of a new space

 On Wednesday, the seventh of July, the inauguration and the sanctification of the new space of our Society was held in Maniaki, Kastoria. A lot of people attended the inauguration.

General Mr. Basdanis, Prefector of Kastoria Mr. Liantsis, Vice-prefector of Kastoria Mrs Vasiliathi-Papagianni, the mayor of Agia Triatha Mr.Antoniathis, the mayor of Kastoria Mr. Tsamisis, the politician Mrs Antoniou, representatives of the local government and many representatives of societies and associations of our prefecture were present. The President of the Parliament Mr. Filippos Petsalnikos, the member of Parliament of Nea Dimokratia Mr. Zisis Tzikalagias, the ex-member of Parliament of N. Dimokratia Mrs B. Bouzali, with respective letters greeted the event and expressed their support to all actions of the Society.

The Society for Protection of Persons in the Autistic Spectrum of Kastoria D.A.D.N. Kastoria, to celebrate this event, organized a concert, in which the group of young players LOCOMONDO appeared at the central square of Maniaki. Kind supporter of this event was the Prefecture. A lot of people enjoyed the concert and the Society had the chance to inform all present people about their actions and goals.

Circa four years ago, three families, having children in the autistic spectrum, met and decided for the first time to share their anxieties, their fear, their hopes and dreams about the present and future of their children. During that meeting, they decided to try all together to make an effort for the

 protection of the rights of Persons in the Autistic Spectrum and this effort took shape in March 2006, when they first established The Society for Protection of Persons in the Autistic Spectrum-Diffuse Developmental Disorders (D.A.D.) N. Kastoria. That is a society of non-profit character, aiming at providing services to persons in the autistic spectrum and their families and having as a target to incorporate them into the society, where they will enjoy the equal treatment and in general they will be protected in every aspect at the highest level and in all sectors. During the last years the society can present a lot of activities such as:

1) To sensitize and inform the local people about subjects referring to autism.

2) Actions referring to protection of the rights of the persons in the autistic spectrum and their families in our region.

3) Actions for encouragement and education of the persons in the autistic spectrum and their families through the more representative and successful two-year operation of the Volunteering Program “Befriending”, whose coordinator was Mrs Katerina Amanatithou, a graduate of the Pedagogical Department of Special Education at the University of Thessalia, in cooperation with the assistant professor of the Pedagogical Department of Special Education at Thessalia University, Mrs Mavropoulou Sofia.

 Today our society has more than 300 members, the 20 of which are dependent children, adolescents and young people in the autistic spectrum. The main priority of the society is to establish a Day Center, where persons in the autistic spectrum could get services of psychological and educational evaluation and support of the person in the autistic spectrum- D.A.D and their families within the frame of specific and personalized programs. At the same time, part of their actions will be the organization of activities for information and specialization of mental health scientists and of teachers in our region. Also the awareness of the people in general on subjects referring to autism- D.A.D. The center is going to start its activities in Maniaki -Kastoria in the place that was offered by the Municipality of Agia Triatha. At first it will work based on its own finance, while an effort will be made to get financial aid from Europe and Central Greek Government.

 The Society thanks a lot all the operators and the citizens for their continual presence and support. Especially the mayor of Agia Triatha Mr. Antoniathis, the prefector of Kastoria Mr. Liantsis, the director of the Kindergartens in Agia Triatha Mrs Aristoula  Zanga, the general Mr. Basdani as well as all friends and volunteers for their generous support for the effort made to put the Day Center for Persons in the Autistic Spectrum -D.A.D. Kastoria, in practice.


 The Management Board


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