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An evening, full of rain and notes
  Written by Vivi Farsaliotou-Iatrou    The little man, men, and little men, all of them together for some hours in the notes of storied lyrics and singers, dedicated to the composer Lefteris Papadopoulos. (more…)

Butterfly’s day
 PRESS RELEASE -Inauguration of a new space  On Wednesday, the seventh of July, the inauguration and the sanctification of the new space of our Society was held in Maniaki, Kastoria. A lot of people attended the inauguration. (more…)

PELSA: a really cultural club
In Ampelokipi, something special has been taking place for years. Plays, folklore, extroversion. That is culture. The members of the Cultural Club of Ampelokipi expressed recently that they do understand what culture is, in another way, in a very important, although different dimension. That of participation, understanding co existence.  We were invited in their beautiful Cultural Center, the Club`s home. They listened to us, they offered us a computer as a present, they promised to support us in everyone step...

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The Meeting of Tuesday: a big success!
  On Tuesday, December 15, 2009, a meeting was held, in which a large number of school teachers took part. The subject of the meeting was: “Mixed education for children in the autistic spectrum in public schools”. The meeting was organized by the Society of Protection of Persons in the Autistic Spectrum of Kastoria, in cooperation with the Office of Primary Education School Advisers and the Society of school Teachers for Primary Education in the region of Kastoria.  The school teachers...

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