PELSA: a really cultural club

PELSA: a really cultural club

  • 15 Feb 0

In Ampelokipi, something special has been taking place for years. Plays, folklore, extroversion. That is culture. The members of the Cultural Club of Ampelokipi expressed recently that they do understand what culture is, in another way, in a very important, although different dimension. That of participation, understanding co existence.

 We were invited in their beautiful Cultural Center, the Club`s home. They listened to us, they offered us a computer as a present, they promised to support us in everyone step of our work.

 Only a thanks, will be too little.

   A republication from the site of the Cultural Club of Ampelokipi can be seen as follows: PELSAhttp:ampelokipi-Kastoria.

 PELSA: Granting a computer to the “Society for Protection of Persons in the Autistic Spectrum”

 In the offices of PELSA, today the 6-2-2010, after an invitation of the Administrative Council of the Cultural Club of Ampelokipi PELSA, representatives of the Society for Protection of Persons in the Autistic Spectrum in Kastoria were invited. During the meeting there was a brief report about the actions and activities of both parts. The main purpose of the meeting was to get information about the activities of the Kastorian society and the sectors in which our club could do volunteering work for helping the children in the spectrum of autism, who were under the protection and care of the aforesaid society. Klicking on the website of this society, you can get informed about persons in the autistic spectrum and the activities of this “non-profit organization” “non- governmental organization” in the region of Kastoria, based mainly on personal volunteering work by parents, relatives and friends of persons, especially children, who happen to have special difficulties and need special care.

 PELSA granted a new laptop to this society, for meeting their needs and invites our villagers to get informed (also through the aforesaid website) and to offer their personal support and help to the children in need.

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