Run -Greece: Kastoria!

Run -Greece: Kastoria!

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 RUN GREECE-Kastoria, Race in the town 5klm,10klm. and of Children for everybody.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

 The town of Kastoria is getting ready to host the City races of 5km., 10,. and of Children Tun Greece of SEGAS, on Sunday, May26, 2013. these races are for everyone and they are held in 4 cities in Greece, in cooperation with the local and regional govrnment and the support of WIND.

 The mayor of the town Mr Manolis Chatzisymeonidis, the vice governor of the prefecture of Kastoria Mr Dimitris Savopoulos greeted the races RUN Kastoria; Mr. Thanasis Raptis, member of the A.C of SEGAS, gave  detailed information about the program.

On behalf of WIND the owner of the WIND shop in Kastoria, Nikos Karantinos emphasized: “ WIND as sponsor of the race in the town 5klm, 10klm and of Children, RUN GREECE gets prepared to show a very strong presence in our town this Sunday. We invite all citizens and visitors of Kastoria to take part in these races and through their participation to support the initiative of solidarity to Society for Protection of Persons in the Autistic Spectrum DADN Kastoria. A society with very remarkable work, which WIND supports for the second time, as in 2011 we were, together with Dimitris Diamantidis, at the side of DADN Kastoria.”

Within the frame of its sponsorship to Run Kastoria, WIND offers for the day of the race to every participating technician a t-shirt and a cap, whereas the company covers all telecommunication needs of SEGAS during the races.  More information about the entry in the list of the runners  for Run Kastoria one can find in the route maps of 5 klm, 10klm in the center of the town, here:

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